Who is on your share register and why it matters?

Factors to Consider


  • The owners of your stock do not typically make the investment decisions – this is outsourced to specialist investment managers
  • Most institutions hold their investments via one or more nominee companies
  • Do you know how many institutions are really on your register and what % they hold?
  • How accurate is anecdotal information provided to you by brokers and investors?
  • Substantial holder notices (+5%) don't always tell the full story
  • Few institutions "flag" their buying intentions
  • Corporate raiders can accumulate positions across a number of nominee entity's
Identifying institutions on your register enables you to:


  • Establish a relationship with your major shareholders
  • Target accurately potential new investors by knowing who is not there
  • Know who to invite to Results Briefings
  • Proactively manage investor contact at times of major announcements
  • Know who holds votes on major resolutions and who to call.
Transaction Specific Investor Tracking Reports


  • Ownership analysis for secondary equity raisings (placements, institutional entitlements, rights issues)
  • Institutional vote solicitation and custodial holder vote tracking and tracing
  • Ownership analysis for investment banks of M&A targets
  • Activist shareholder campaigns (acting for both investors and ASX-listed clientele)

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