IPO Proposal

Proposed ASX Code   AKM
Proposed Listing Date   30 Jun 2019
Offer Opening   10 Apr 2019
Offer Closing   30 May 2019
Issue Price   $0.20
Prospectus   Download

This application is only available to residents of Australia. Any person accessing the electronic version of the Prospectus for the purpose of making an investment must be a resident of Australia and must only access the Prospectus from within Australia. The Corporations Act prohibits any person passing on to another person an application form unless it is attached to a hard copy of the Prospectus or it accompanies the complete and unaltered version of the Prospectus. Any person can obtain a hard copy of the Prospectus by contacting the Company.

By proceeding with the application you confirm that:

  • You and anyone you may apply jointly with or on behalf of are a resident of Australia.
  • You have read the Prospectus and agree to the terms and conditions within.
  • The country and postcode selected below for your registered address is true and accurate.

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Note: This offer is only available to Australian residents.

Before completing your application you should read the accompanying Prospectus.

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